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Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol fireplaces require no flue to operate within indoor environments. They use bioethanol as fuel to generate smoke-free and odourless flames, producing clean emissions of heat and water vapour.

Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source. Our bioethanol fireplaces have highly efficient burners that let you control the heat output, flame stability and fuel economy. This range of fireplace models provide a stunning backdrop, enhancing the vibrant appearance of the flame.

Don’t have an existing fireplace? No problems. Due to bioethanol fireplaces not requiring a flue, these models are very versatile and able to be installed in shallow or compact settings. They make a stylish addition to almost any home whether new or old.

Transform your home with a bespoke flueless bioethanol fireplace

Bioethanol fires are a fantastic choice for not only their beautiful aesthetic, but their carbon footprint. Speak to one of our consultants about the wide array of models available and their installation options.

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