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Cheminees Philippe

From the collection of Cheminees Philippe fireplaces that Coastal Fireplaces and Design offer, we are confident you will find one to perfectly accompany your homes interior style. The premium range of Cheminees Philippe fireplaces we are proud to offer enables you the option of choosing the very best for your home.

Our range

We take pride in being able to offer the finest, beautifully crafted fireplaces ready to be installed into you home. Our range of Cheminees Philippe fireplaces are designed for style and functionality, which means you will have everything you need in a fireplace.

Single Fronted Wood Fireplaces

We provide our customers with the option of choosing from an array of Radiante designs. These fireplaces are beautifully crafted with classic and simplistic designs that adhere to excellent performance standards.

Double Sided Wood Fireplaces

The double sided Radiante fireplaces available in this range are designed to effectively heat up larger areas in your home, all while sitting comfortably in your room as a stylish focal point.

Triple Sided Wood Fireplaces

Included in this range is the Radiante 700 3V and the Radiante 846 3V. These classic designs enable you to view the glowing fire from multiple viewpoints, whilst enjoying the comfort and warmth provided to your room. A truly stunning feature for any room.

Corner Sided Fireplaces

We have a variety of fireplaces in this range to effectively provide warmth to your home and add an element of elegance to your lifestyle. This range is comprised of fireplaces perfectly suited for gathering the family around and making warm memories to last a lifetime.

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

The range of Freestanding Wood Fireplaces we supply will effectively incorporate elegance and charm into your lifestyle. These fireplaces contribute to a feeling of coziness in your home, as well as provide a comforting and pleasing aesthetic. As a freestanding wood fireplace, they are sure to grab the attention of anyone in the room.

Our customers deserve the very best

Coastal Fireplaces and Design are dedicated to giving our customers the very best in design and high quality products. We take pride in being able to offer Cheminees Philippe fireplaces that embody high quality craftsmanship.

You can feel assured you are in good hands with the team at Coastal Fireplaces and Design, with our ability to provide customers with the highest quality fireplaces and professional and reliable advice.Our team of experts will guide you towards finding the perfect fireplace for your home.

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