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Electric Fireplaces

Coastal Fireplaces and Design have the best range of high quality electric fireplaces available in the Geelong region. You can choose from a range of designs and facades to suit the interior of your home. Our range of electric fireplaces consists of three categories- the Spectrum series, the Ambiance CLX 2 series and the Landscape Fullview.

The Spectrum Fireplace

The Spectrum Fireplace series includes a built in fireplace that will illuminate your home and enable you to enjoy a warm and cosy environment. With sizing options available this fireplace is not only modern and sleek in design, but it will fit in nicely to the size of any room. You also have the option of choosing from several colour combinations to set for the flames projected through the multi colour glacier diamond glass. This fireplace will give you that warm and cozy feeling in your home. If you are after a contemporary look then this is the fireplace for you.

The Landscape Fireplace

The Landscape Fullview is a unique inbuilt electric fireplace. This design is available in a variety of sizes to suit the interior design and style of your home. The Landscape Fullview fireplace is ideal for customers who are conscious of environmental emissions and are seeking a fireplace which has a reduced carbon footprint. This is also an affordable alternative to gas fireplaces, further benefiting customers and their concerns for eco-efficiency. The Landscape Fullview comes with a sleek remote control, giving you the reigns to change the colour of the flames between orange and blue to suit changing conditions throughout the year.

The Ambiance CLX 2

The Ambiance CLX 2 series will provide you with a modern and innovative solution to your home heating needs. With a realistic and clear flame pattern, as well as the ability to switch between different coloured flames, your electric fireplace will showcase a stunning, authentic look. These models can be wall mounted or recessed into a standard wall. This means you don’t need to compromise your space and the furniture you have within it to accommodate your new fireplace. With a variety of high quality models to choose from in this range, you can be assured to find the ideal solution..

Our customers deserve the very best

Coastal Fireplaces and Design are dedicated to giving our customers the very best in design and high quality products. Providing customers with professional and reliable advice is something we take pride in because we want you to make an informed decision from the array of options we have available. By getting in touch with our team of experts, you can find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

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