Lopi wood fireplaces have been a favourite amongst Australian’s for over thirty years.  Their reputation for solid craftmanship, reliable performance and unbeatable heating efficiency has been a winning combination year after year.  However, many people wonder – how exactly does a Lopi wood fireplace work?


A steady stream of fresh air enters the fireplace, gets hot as it’s drawn up the heated internal air chamber and then travels through a screened air wash which diffuses and evenly distributes air across the glass, keeping smoke and ash particles away.


Cleaner burn – less gunk clogging up your flue

The pre-heated secondary combustion air is delivered to the stainless-steel tube which introduces oxygen to the firebox and promotes re-burn of most of the smoke and gases that would otherwise line the flue as creosote and exit the chimney as smoke.


Retains more heat

The heavy-duty masonry baffle holds and radiates heat back into the firebox for more efficient and complete combustion.


Optional fan

An optional fan is available to speed up the circulation of convective heat throughout the home.  A fan is ideal for quicker and more efficient heating, for larger homes with high ceilings or open floor plan.


Burns hotter

Convection chamber naturally draws cold room air in at the bottom of the unit, circulates it around the firebox and returns it to the room heated.  As the fireplace heats up, air flow increases, delivering more heated air into your home.


Smoke free loading of wood

The medium and large fireplaces feature By-Pass dampers, which temporarily re-routes smoke behind the masonry baffle when engaged.  The by-pass assists faster fire start up as well as preventing smoke from escaping through the door when loading wood.


Free-standing cooktop

The free-standing fireplaces also provide a great cooktop surface, which can easily be used to warm soup or heat up hot chocolate, perfect for a cold winter’s day.  The medium to large fireplaces give you both a cooktop and warming surface.



With such great features, it’s easy to see why Lopi is such a favourite amongst Australians.  To see all the features discussed, come into our showroom to see our Lopi wood fireplaces in action.  You’ll be sure to be impressed.