Open-flue gas fireplaces have long been a popular option with Australians, however recently their safety has been called into question.  Open-flue fireplaces are designed to draw air from the room to feed the fire.  However inadequate ventilation and use of exhaust fans can draw carbon monoxide back into the room.  Following the deaths of seven Victorians over the last eight years, related to carbon monoxide poisoning from open-flue fireplaces, there is a major safety alert and recall on these types of fireplaces in Victoria.


Thankfully there is a safer option, with direct vent gas fireplaces and Lopi is proud to be at the forefront of the latest in gas heating technology.  Direct vent fireplaces have a combustion circuit that is completely sealed from the living area.  All air drawn in for combustion and all products of combustion emitted, are flued directly outside the room via separate ducts. This means they are incredibly safe as there is no risk of back drafting, therefore no carbon monoxide can leak back into the room.  The full range of Lopi’s gas fireplaces have always been direct vent, ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.


To identify whether your gas fireplace is open flued, you must contact the manufacturer or a qualified gasfitter.  Energy Safe Victoria recommends all gas fireplaces are serviced at least every two years from a qualified gasfitter.  During the service, the gasfitter will inspect your fireplace, check its installation and test for carbon monoxide leaking.


Now is the time for you to make the phone call to protect your loved ones this winter.  We can organise for a qualified gasfitter to service your gas fireplace, to give you the peace of mind before the cold weather sets in.  Call us today!


For more detailed information please visit the Energy Safe Victoria website:

Open flue gas heaters FAQ’s

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