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Fire Pit Accessories

If you have decided to purchase some of the accessories that will only complement your Unique Fire Pit, then you can do so. We offer BBQ Grills, Covers, Ember Screens, Fire Pokers and flat Metal Lids with handles



Although the BBQ / Fire pit is built tough, it still has some moving parts to it that need to be protected when not in use. It’s recommended that it is covered up and kept dry to protect the longevity of the product. Our vinyl covers do that just that and are custom made to fit directly over the whole BBQ including the handle with a draw string at the bottom to ensure it will not blow off in bad weather

* Waterproof Vinyl Cover to fit over the 900mm BBQ / Fire Pit  

* Waterproof Vinyl Cover to fit over the 1200mm BBQ / Fire Pit 



Take advantage of all those hot coals and embers in the fire pit by putting on a grill and being able to cook your dinner, boil a billy or get creative and bake a Damper. It gives you the best of both worlds of having a fire pit combined with a BBQ. Grills can be adapted to The 800mm, 1000mm & 1200mm Cauldrons, The Goblet, The Tripod & The Teppanyaki

* 700mm Diameter Metal Cooking Grill

* 900mm Diameter Metal Cooking Grill 

* 700mm Diameter Stainless Steel Cooking Grill

* 900mm Diameter Stainless Steel Cooking Grill  

* 1100mm Diameter Stainless Steel Cooking Grill 

* 1400mm Diameter Stainless Steel Half Cooking Grill 



The ember screen will give you peace of mind when leaving a hot fire and hot coals burning throughout the night when its bed time. The ember screen will ensure protection against any spitting timber or flying enbers should the wind decide to pick up

* 700mm Diameter Ember Screen

* 900mm Diameter Ember Screen

* 1100mm Diameter Ember Screen



Poke, Prod, Stab, Jab, Push, Nudge, Thrust, Shove and Stick as much as your heart desires with our handy Fire Poker. Forged from solid steel it has a comfortable formed handle for a easy grip and also features a point with a very handy hook. This hook will allow you to pick up the hot grill off the fire pit or pick up the lid off a camp oven plus many more functions you will soon come to discover.
It measures about 1 meter long and weighs about 1kg

* Solid Steel Fire Poker with Handy Hook  

* Stainless Steel Fire Poker with Handy Hook



These Fire Pit Lids are made from 3mm thick sheet steel and features 2 handles which allows it to be easily placed on or taken off the fire pit.
It will help prevent water from entering your fire pit and thus keeping the fire pit dry and protected promoting longevity
It can also be used to snuff the fire pit out at the end of the night and prevent any embers from blowing out of the fire pit, giving you piece of mind
Available in 3 sizes which will suit the 800mm Cauldron, The Goblet, the 1 meter Cauldron, and 1200mm Cauldron

* 850mm Diameter Fire Pit Lid

* 1050mm Diameter Fire Pit Lid 

* 1250mm Diameter Fire Pit Lid 



These spit rotisserie brackets will allow you to convert your already versatile Teppanyaki Fire Pit into a spit as well. They simply slide on to the top plate when required and have a turn thumb screw which will allow you to slide the poles up and down when cooking according to the internsity of your coals or fire

2 x  25mm poles 500mm in lenght are also included with the brackets . You will simply need to tech screw the spit brackets to the top of the poles which are supplied when you purchase your spit kit

* Removable Spit Brackets – Metal   

* Removable Spit Brackets – Stainless Steel  


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