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Stainless Steel Fire Pits

All fire pits are made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and 4.5mm in thickness

They can feature a small hole in them to allow water to drain away if desired

Can be used as a fire pit in the winter and a planter or water feature in the summer

Will certainly make a statement in any backyard

The all come with a polished mirror finish both inside and out including the base

These fire pits are pressed into shape using a very large hydraulic ram which gives it strength and the ability to withstand intense heat. Most cheaper alternatives are spun  which is a metalworking process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into shape usually using a much thinner guage of metal

Advantages of Stainless Steel:

  • Completely maintenance free product that will last a lifetime!
  • Perfect to use along coastal areas as it is corrosion resistant
  • Will not tarnish or stain the surface it is sitting on – perfect for tiled areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain thus making it more hygienic
  • Impact Resistant – its almost be impossible to break it
  • The option of a grill plate to be able to BBQ on it, is also available


The options availabe for the stainless steel fire pits are:


* The Cauldron – 800mm

* The Cauldron – 1000mm

* The Cauldron – 1200mm

* The Teppanyaki

* The Goblet

* The Chalice

* The Flame Dancer

* The Tripod


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