Atlantic 613

From $4,120.00 Plus Installation, Freight and Flue
The Atlantic 613 features a modern, tall design with a log storage base and an exceptionally large, fully glazed door.

Its aesthetically beautiful lines and its shallow depth and high kW allow installation in larger rooms and areas. This model comes with secondary combustion, an air-wash glass cleaning system and a Vermiculite deflector with stainless-steel reinforcement within the combustion chamber for extra heat reflection. The combustion chamber comfortably loads 50cm logs and there is a removable ash pan and a removable cast iron grate.

With high efficiency you burn less wood to burn and create a cleaner environment whilst producing more heat. The dual air control system is of superior quality and gives you the ability to sensitively adjust the fireplace output and rate of burn.

Heat Output
Interior Material
Black Vermiculite
Flue Connection
Full glass door
Double combustion control with air wash
Fully certified to AS/NZS 4012, 4013 and 2918
Steel stove 60cm wide and 110cm high

Cast Iron grid and stainless steel ash pan

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