From $785.00 Plus Installation, Freight and Flue
A simple yet luxury outdoor fire pit built through intelligent design, whilst maintaining the humble backyard brick barbecue.

We needed this product in our lives, so we built it, but we won’t keep it to ourselves. We grew tired of makeshift backyard grills made up of unstable bricks and stones. This unit is easy to put together, features a sturdy top and raised base for retaining bricks, a sleek temperature control and fire grate for clean burning. The concept for Bricky is to be constructed from your own repurposed bricks.

Australian made
100% stainless steel
Designed to suit cottage living
Gives a second life to bricks destined for landfill
High heat retention of bricks for consistent cooking temperature
Unique design allows for adjustable set-up height
Air control for cooking temperature
Fire grate for clean-burning
Elevated base to prevent heat degradation to non-combustible floors
Cooking Modes
BBQ Grate, Hot Plate, Skewers
Wood, Charcoal, Beads

  • Lid - Store and protect Bricky from the weather when not in use

  • Grill - Cast iron grill plate with integrated locking bars to safely secure to Bricky

  • 2 Skewers -Bricky can use up to 4 BBQ skewers for grilling

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