Ortal Three Sided

From $13,400.00 Plus Installation, Freight and Flue
Available in 13 sizes, our built-in modern Three Sided fireplaces provide a clear view from multiple vantage points, creating an impressive architectural element to any space within your home.

Our built-in Three Sided fireplace designs are architecturally stunning and absolutely unique, providing a clear view of the flames from multiple vantage points. Like all Ortal fireplaces, these models feature advanced safety technology that keeps the unit and wall cool without sacrificing the delightfully cozy warmth of the fire. Perfect for when you want contemporary style, warmth and safety.

With so many options to choose from, there’s an Ortal Three Sided gas fireplace that’s perfect for your home.

Power flue system option
Flue in any direction up to 36m
Cool wall technology
Safe double glazing design
Multiple interior firebed options

Available in 13 sizes

  • Clear 75 TS: 756mm x 480mm

  • Clear 110 TS: 1176mm x 400mm

  • Clear 110H TS: 1176mm x 550mm

  • Clear 130 TS: 1362mm x 400mm

  • Clear 130H TS: 1362mm x 550mm

  • Clear 150 TS: 1612mm x 400mm

  • Clear 150H TS: 1612mm x 550mm

  • Clear 170 TS: 1812mm x 400mm

  • Clear 170H TS: 1786mm x 550mm

  • Clear 200 TS: 2052mm x 400mm

  • Clear 200H TS: 2052mm x 550mm

  • Clear 250 TS: 2552mm x 400mm

  • Clear 250H TS: 2552mm x 550mm

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