Stûv 30

Stûv 30 is a revolution in fireplace design. Its patented three-door system and three heating functions, combined with the optional invisible swivel base, ensure maximum enjoyment of your fire.

The Stûv 30 is a free standing wood stove that offers multiple variations: open or closed fire, efficient heating, a great view of the fire, 360° rotation and even the option to enjoy a year-round BBQ.

Stûv 30 wood stoves have three doors that correspond to three operating modes. The open fire mode beckons people to gather around. The closed fire mode with glass door magnifies the flames and warms the atmosphere. The closed fire – full door mode envelops the house in comforting warmth.

The Stûv 30 has a minimalist design, and with the optional invisible swivel base it can also be rotated through 360° to face any direction you desire.

Stûv 30 wood stoves provide a perfect balance between pleasure and performance. Spectacular heating that you can adapt to suit your home and your comfort at will.

Available in 4 configurations

Stûv 30
Stûv 30 High
Stûv 30 Compact
Stûv 30 Compact High

Weight & Dimensions

Firebox dimensions: W575 x H1230 x D555mm
Firebox weight: 215Kg
Flue system: Standard 6” / 8” / 10”


Determined under test conditions

Nominal thermal output: 10kW
Efficiency (Australian Test): 67%
Emissions (Australian Test): 1.1 g/Kg

Barbecue grill

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Mobile log rack

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