Take all the messy hard stuff out of lighting a wood fire. Try the clever design of Lopi GREEN START

Starting your wood fire has never been easier. This new igniter system is so simple to use. With a push of a button you can stand back and watch you wood fire light up with no effort at all. No need to use matches, fight lighter or newspaper. Just fill that fire box with your kindling and press the green start button. The igniter blows 760-degree Celsius heated air into the firebox lighting your wood. It is very impressive to watch. The Green Start system works much like a blacksmith bellows, giving your fire a clean fast smoke free start up. This patented design is brilliant.

This system is also ideal for refreshing old fires as well by simply adding new fuel on top of the old coals, closing the door and pushing the button two times. This activates the bellows without activating the ignitor. The bellows will run for 7 minutes, enough time to rekindle the fire. With this system installed there will be no problems getting a nice hot fire going in your home.

You can see this working on display in our showroom, installed in our beautiful Lopi Evergreen Freestanding wood heater.