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Wood Fireplaces

We have an extensive range of styles and models of wood fireplaces to suit your lifestyle, which all provide the functionality and warmth to bring comfort to your home. We proudly offer Lopi wood fireplaces in our range to meet the high quality standards set for our products. As well as to competitively meet the expectation and satisfaction of our clients.

From our range of wood fireplaces, you can enjoy their glowing performance and long lasting build quality. By having durable door hinges made of cold rolled steel, a seamless heavy duty steel cover and heavy gauge steel construction, you can be assured that you are buying the finest when you buy a Lopi fireplace. We collaborate with the best engineers and craftsmen to provide premium quality inbuilt and freestanding fireplaces, enabling our clients to find the perfect style fireplace to suit their home.

Inbuilt Wood Fireplaces

Our inbuilt fireplace range includes clean burning wood heaters with lowered emissions, to suit lifestyles that aim to reduce environmental impact. As well as compact sized units, suited to clients in need of smaller smaller sized fireplaces. We also provide large sized fireplace inserts for larger sized areas, and the mid-priced economy fireplace inserts that will not compromise the function of the model you have chosen.

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

If you are looking for a freestanding wood fireplace for you home, we believe we have the ideal model for you. From our Lopi range, we have small and compact models with high heating capacity, perfect for smaller family homes. We provide large sized clean burning fireboxes for wide, spacious home areas. Our range also includes mid sized and stylish heavy gauge steel designs to compliment modern homes and decor. Coastal Fireplaces and Design also take pride in stocking the cleanest burning large stove on the market.

Transform your home with a wood fireplace

The range of wood fireplaces we supply will transform your home. With a vast amount of designs and functions to choose from, our industry leading experts at Coastal Fireplaces and Design can help you decide the right wood fireplace for you.

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