Billy Smoker Shieldit


The Enclosure Shielding System, otherwise known as Shieldit, is designed to be used with an inbuilt installation of our Open Fire Cookers to protect vulnerable non combustible enclosure materials (such as cement) from excessive heat, to reduce degradation.

By reducing the need to construct an internal shielding system from scratch, Shieldit helps to make inbuilt installations easier. It is especially simple when paired with a Fascia (sold separately), as it enables the Chef Open Fire Cooker’s to be slid into place after the enclosure construction is completed. Shieldit can also be utilised for Artist installations, however it is important to note that additional cladding will be required to cover the top front region of the firebox once the unit is in situ.

Clearances to combustibles are required to be compliant with AS2918 – the Australian Standard for safe installations.

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