Stûv 21 Single Sided

With a unique retractable glass door and frameless installation, the Stûv 21 Single Sided makes the divide between you and the ever-changing flame invisible.

The Stûv 21 Single Sided wood fireplace is designed to blend into your decor, so that the fire becomes the focus. This contemporary designer fireplace also features a retractable window that can be raised or lowered for an open or closed fire.

The Stûv 21 Single Sided fireplace has a frameless guillotine glass window. With no frame, there is nothing to distract your view of the fire.

Due to its very large combustion chamber, the Stûv 21 Single Sided fireplace offers abundant warmth and atmosphere at all times.

Sizes available

770 x 615   /   870 x 400   /   1070 x 535   /   1170 x 400


Nominal Heat Output: 11 to 23KW
Weight: 305kg
Efficiency: 76%
CO emissions: 0.10%
Room air independent operation available
Self cleaning glass panel

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